Yaya Body Sculpting Skin Firming Gel

Yaya Body Sculpting Skin Firming Gel

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CRYO FIRMING GEL is an easy gel that penetrates the skin. It has fast acting ingredients- which Firm and Tones Skin - it can be applied to areas where there is an excess of fat, leaving you with a lifted appearance!

Our Skin Tightening Gel is just what you need to get that instant look of tighter skin again - no surgery required! Enjoy your extra boost in confidence.

Directions: Apply cold gel in the mornings, after a shower or bath, in areas of excessive body fat accumulation: abdomen, hips, waist, back, arms, etc., to tone and firm your skin. The gel leaves a sensation of freshness and cold, it is normal and it will gradually disappear. Leave it to dry for several minutes. Once dry, dress normally. DO NOT apply to bust, neck or any other area with sensible skin.

Can also be applied daily for 1 hour with your body wrap


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