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Our Cryo-Firming Gel  is a non-prescription body cream that contains fast acting and effective ingredients that works by targeting fat cells with intense cold. CRYO FIRMING GEL  stimulates receivers inside the fat cells of the desired areas which are sensitive to low temperatures. -Cold Gel is a gel used for skin firming .

It's easy to apply, 100% natural, it penetrates the skin due to the composition granular elements, CRYO FIRMING GEL  does not cause secondary effects and it is safe to use, it can be applied to attack specific areas where there is an excess of fat.

Directions: Apply cold gel in the mornings, after a shower or bath, in areas of excessive body fat accumulation: abdomen, hips, waist, back, arms, etc., to tone and firm your skin. The gel leaves a sensation of freshness and cold, it is normal and it will gradually disappear. Leave it to dry for several minutes. Once dry, dress normally. DO NOT apply to bust, neck or any other area with sensible skin.

Can also be applied daily for 1 hour with osmotic wrap



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